Feb 13 - Gibraltar Elected Chair of UK Overseas Territories Association

govt crestAt the Annual General Meeting of UKOTA (United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association) held on Wednesday 12th February 2014, Gibraltar was elected Chair of UKOTA.

Albert Poggio, the Government’s United Kingdom Representative, will represent the Government of Gibraltar in this role. The other offices of Secretary and Treasurer were taken by the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands respectively.

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Feb 13 - Cuervas-Mons Uncovers The Hypocrisy Behind Spain’s Attitude Towards Smuggling

El Contrabando De Gibraltar

By Rafael Cuervas-Mons

Yo creo que como ya le han debido explicar a Mariano Rajoy que Gibraltar sí tiene aguas territoriales y que los bloques de hormigón son los mismos que hemos tirado nosotros en nuestras costas, como, imagino yo, le han debido de aclarar que Gibraltar no es un “paraíso fiscal” por mucho que diga el insigne Montoro, ahora revolotean por Bruselas para quejarse del contrabando de tabaco aseverando que tendría que fumar cada habitante del Peñón ciento ochenta cigarrillos diarios para justificar las cantidades que tiene en stock los llanitos, y se queda tan ancho, y los de Bruselas, que no deben de tener tampoco muchas luces, le dan la razón, y aquí todos tan contentos.

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Feb 13 - GSD Probes Government for FJS Details

gsdThe GSD is once again calling upon the Government to provide details of the private employers who currently employ trainees on the Future Job Strategy. The party claims that they have previously criticised whether the scheme is providing adequate training and its huge expense of £1 million a month. They have also brought about questions on whether suitable and secure jobs are being provided. They note that serious concerns are heightened by the Government’s failure to provide basic information on the scheme.

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Feb 12 - GHA Complaints Board Dispute – Government Claims GSD is Inconsistent in its Arguments

govt logoIn response to the GSD’s most recent statement on the Government’s GHA Complaints board announcement, No.6 Convent Place noted that GSD spokesperson Mrs Isobel Ellul-Hammond ‘seems to think that appointees of the present Government are not capable of independent and conscientious thought but persons that the GSD appointed, when in power, are’.

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