Aug 23 HMGOG reiterates its position on Fishing

- Sustainability and stock replenishment remains paramount consideration.

- Draft Legislation to be published shortly.

- Consultation ongoing with fishing and environmental groups.

Following the statements made by Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo at the Press Conference held after yesterday’s meeting of EU Foreign Minister in Brussels, Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar reiterates its policy remains one of goodwill towards resolving differences in the so-called “fishing dispute”.

HMGOG has made it absolutely clear from the beginning that it does not seek to exclude Spanish fishermen from BGTW, but that fishing had to be in keeping with Gibraltar law. The Chief Minister, the Deputy Chief Minister and the Minister for the Environment have held various meetings in the past 14 months with fishermen from the “Cofradia” and the Mayors of La Linea (on a number of occasions) and Algeciras (once) to consider the issues that arise from the fishing practices used by the fishermen which were contrary to the Nature Protection Act.

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Aug 22 - London Restaurateur Boycotts Spanish Wine in Gibraltar's Defence

newsLondon Restaurateur, John Brinkley has removed his best selling Spanish wine from his menu in an effort to support Gibraltar during the on-going dispute with Spain. The Daily Mail Online claims that Mr. Brinkley believes Spain’s actions are ridiculous. He adds, ‘if we can draw attention to it by boycotting sales I hope other restaurants will join in. There are plenty of other decent wines to drink.’

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Aug 22 - Lib-Dem MEP Criticises Picardo For “Triggering” Spain Crisis

Lib-Dem MEP Andrew Duff has said that the current crisis with Spain was triggered by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo whom he calls “the worst culprit.” Mr Duff, who is a Liberal Democrat MEP for East of England has written in the East Anglian Daily Times that the situation is nothing more than: “A lot of steam...being let off by politicians who should know better.”

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