Oct 29 - Government Insists Opposition Criticism of St. Joseph’s Annex is Absurd

govt crestIn response to the GSD’s recent criticism of the new classrooms at St. Joseph’s First and Middle School the Government has claimed that, ‘it is a matter of deep concern that the Opposition has sought to attack the Government without any attempt whatsoever to discover the true facts and without caring about the truth.’

A No.6 statement accuses the Opposition of ‘clutching at straws ‘and at every rumour that they can attach themselves to in their efforts to denigrate the Government’s drive to improve not just the financial and human resources in our schools, but also the buildings and facilities for the education of our children.’

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Oct 29 - Government Purchases Former Rowing Club Site for £3 Million

govt crestThe Government has announced a number of transactions in the public interest in order to make way for housing and car parking for our people.

The Government has purchased the ex-Mediterranean Rowing Club (MRC) site in Glacis Road for £ 3 million. Their intention is to develop the site primarily for car parking with the provision of hundreds of car parking spaces for residents of the area including Glacis and Glacis Road, for the marinas and businesses of the area and for the general public. There may be office or residential units above the car park and the ground floor will be earmarked for commercial use.

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Oct 29 - Minister Licudi Addresses ‘Arab Forum on Asset Recovery’

licudiLast weekend, the Minister for Justice, Gilbert Licudi QC, attended the Second Meeting of the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery held at Marrakech.

The meeting, which was co- hosted by the United Kingdom as the current President of the G8, was attended by over 300 delegates from forty countries including the Attorney Generals of both the UK and United States.

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Oct 29 - GSD Express Concern Over Upper Rock Nature Reserve

upper rock The Opposition has today questioned the effectiveness of Environment Minister Dr. Cortes’ announcement that systematic searches take place as part of the Upper Rock Surveillance Monitoring Programme, following reports of illegal traps, by members of the public. Shadow Minister Jaime Netto has also received claims that individuals have bought exotic pets and abandoned them in the Upper Rock, whilst the perennial problem of feeding of the Barbary macaques continues.

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Oct 28 - Government States Its Position On Barbary Partridges

The Government has issued the following statement on the recent GSD press release regarding Barbary Partridges:

In the latest Opposition press release, Jaime Netto has shown a complete lack of understanding and a worrying lack of knowledge of ecology and Gibraltar’s natural history. It is near impossible to comprehend how a Member of Parliament with an environmental portfolio could have got his facts so wrong and interpreted the Minister’s statement so incorrectly.

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