Aug 09 - GSD Welcomes UK Stance

The GSD welcomes the latest interventions by the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary in defence of the people of Gibraltar, their sustained personal involvement and their renewed public statements both in pledging their support for the people of Gibraltar and on the unacceptability of existing and proposed Spanish measures against Gibraltar.

Mr Cameron’s warning that unless the situation at the frontier improved there was a real risk crisis of relations between the United Kingdom and Spain being damaged, clearly reflects the seriousness with which the United Kingdom views the matter.

Despite the diplomatic exchanges, the GSD remains gravely concerned at the continuing tension, particularly at the frontier, and therefore continues to urge a prompt resolution to the current dispute as being crucially in Gibraltar's own interests.

In the search for a diplomatic resolution there must, however, be no return to bilateralism between the UK and Spain or any dilution of the progress and gains which have been made towards achieving trilateral dialogue by the GSD administration.

The current situation is for the Gibraltar Government to resolve either directly with the Spanish Fishermen and any relevant interlocutors and/or in tripartite dialogue where the Gibraltar Government works closely with the United Kingdom.

Finally, the Gibraltar Government is urged to take into account the impact on the wider economy and the political gains that have been made over many years in our international relations and standing when furthering its policies, in this case in the environmental sphere.