Aug 28 - Algeciras Fishermen Make Cameron Plea to ‘Withdraw Concrete Blocks’

fishing The Brotherhood of Algeciras Fishermen has this week sent a letter to her Majesty the Queen of England. The letter contains over 12,000 signatures collected online, in support of the fishermen’s plight.

Europa Sur notes that the letter asks the Queen why the fishermen have been prevented from fishing in the bay as they have done before. Author of the letter, Manuel Vázquez claims that Picardo’s insistence that hell will freeze over before the artificial reef is removed was ‘like a knife in his heart’.

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Aug 28 - Frontier Movement Comes to a Standstill on Spanish Side

frontier checks The flow of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the Spanish side of the frontier once again came to a standstill at 11am this morning . Stringent checks are being imposed with Guardia Civil officers inspecting each motorbike and asking to view documents.

Pedestrians entering Gibraltar are also being subjected to strict checks with passports being inspected thoroughly. The EU Commission yesterday noted that a date had not yet been set for their mission that will see experts investigate Spanish border controls, including Customs.

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