Feb 07 - “What New Dawn?” Asks GSD As It Continues To Press Government On Fishing

The GSD Opposition has said that, yet again, the Government refuses to provide a simple answer to a simple Opposition question, this time on whether Spanish Fishermen will have to apply for licence in Gibraltar to fish in BGTW.  The GSD argues that the suggestion that somehow the Opposition is responsible for not obtaining the information because it did not participate in the debate on the draft fishing legislation is a “dishonest smokescreen” saying that this is a question that was posed to Mr. Picardo in Parliament in Chief Minister’s question time.

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Feb 04 - GSD Questions Net Fishing Licensing

fishing The GSD has once again renewed its calls for the Government to come clean and state whether Spanish Fishermen wishing to fish in BGTW with nets, will have to apply for a licence in Gibraltar.

It will be recalled that at the end of last year the Government introduced changes to the Nature Protection Act which were intended to be a first step in changes which would allow fishing in BGTW with EU compliant nets. 

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