Jul 22 - Picardo To Sunday Express: “We Need Greater Royal Naval Presence”

The Sunday Express yesterday carried a story on Fabian Picardo’s call for a larger Royal Navy presence to combat the increasingly assertive Spanish incursions into British Gibraltar territorial waters. The report, with the title “Send Us Gunboats”, said that Mr Picardo had explained that, although Spain will not go as far as staging an invasion, there could nevertheless be “consequences to British sovereignty” if UK Naval assets weren’t beefed up in the near future. He said that the two small patrol boats stationed in Gibraltar were not sufficient to send the clear message that “these are very clearly British Gibraltar territorial waters.”

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Jul 18 - Minister Sacramento In UK For Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Meeting

The Minister for Equality, Social Services and the Elderly, Samantha Sacramento, has attended a meeting in London as a member of the Steering Committee of Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP). The CWP was founded by women delegates in 1989 in order that women could discuss ways to increase female representation in Parliament and work towards the mainstreaming of gender considerations in all Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) activities and programmes.

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Jul 18 - Auditor's Report Outlines OEM Government Loan Debacle

newsA Principal Auditor’s report, commissioned last year by the Government, regarding payments made by the Government to the OEM Group of Companies and Haymills (Gibraltar) Limited, was tabled in Parliament this morning.

The report follows a press release issued by the Gibraltar Government last year, suggesting that the former administration had made payments to OEM (International) Ltd (OEM) and Haymills (Gibraltar) Ltd (Haymills) in respect of a number of south district developments, that were used to pay creditors of the three developments. The Government repossessed the sites from the OEM group in December 2007.

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