Apr 29 - Minister Sacramento Furthers Equality Agenda in London

samantha sacramentoSamantha Sacramento, Minister for Equality and Social Services is in London this week furthering the Government’s Equality Agenda.

The Minister last week met with Minister Helen Grant, the Joint Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice and for Women and Equality Issues. The Ministers discussed issues common to their portfolio and shared experiences and information on the matter.

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Apr 25 GSD Response - Government-Registered Companies

Gibraltar CompaniesGSD Astonished At Government Response

The GSD Opposition notes the Government’s astonishing statement that the use of No 6 Convent Place (the principal offices of the Government of Gibraltar) as registered address and provision of company formation, administration and nominee services is part of the GSLP-Liberal manifesto commitments to assist entrepreneurs and persons setting up their companies.

Of course, this, in effect, means that the Government of Gibraltar is providing subsidised company formation and subsidised nominee shareholders in the form of public servants, on top of subsidised contracts with the Government of Gibraltar by direct allocation and subsidised labour through the Future Job Strategy scheme! 

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Apr 25 - May Day Rally – Feetham’s Invitation to Speak is Withdrawn

mr feethamYesterday evening, Leader of the Opposition Daniel Feetham noted how saddened he was by the fact that the Gibraltar Trades Council has withdrawn a written invitation for him to speak at next week’s May Day Rally. Mr. Feetham described the withdrawal as scandalous. He explained that he originally received a  written invitation on behalf of the Gibraltar Trades Council for him to speak for 10 minutes at the May Day Rally.

Earlier this week, Mr. Feetham met with a top union official who insisted that the Chief Minister had gone ‘ballistic’ when he found out that Mr. Feetham would also speak at the event. The union official in question, therefore, asked the Leader of the Opposition to withdraw as a speaker voluntarily because the Union had a number of issues which it was currently negotiating with the Government which it did not want to jeopardise.

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Apr 24 - PDP Claims the British Government is Miserably Failing to Defend Gibraltar Waters

pdpThe PDP are concerned at the clear suggestion made by environmental expert Dr Tydeman to the British Parliamentary Committee last week that the Royal Navy appear unwilling to answer requests by the Commissioner of the RGP to patrol British Gibraltar Territorial Waters for fear of upsetting the Spanish Government.

The party insists that the British Government is miserably failing to carry out its constitutional role to defend Gibraltar’s waters and thereby allow the RGP to enforce laws by carrying out arrests.

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APR 23 - Companies Under Business Start-Up Scheme Register with a Government Address

convent place In response to the GSD's questioning over a private company registered with a Government address, the Government has released a statement noting that they are committed, to implementing business start up and nurture schemes in order to assist entrepreneurs and persons setting up their own companies.

A statement adds, 'in line with this policy, the Employment Service has been assisting a number of unemployed or self-employed entrepreneurs to incorporate their own companies. This work is done in-house and Government officials are originally shown as shareholders and a Government address is originally provided as the first registered office of the company. The Government in this way finances the setting up of the companies and charges the entrepreneurs for the disbursements only.

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