Sep 03 - Feetham to Attend National Day Rally

feethamGSD Leader Daniel Feetham has accepted the SDGG’s invitation to the National Day Rally. Mr. Feetham does so in order to highlight the importance of solidarity amongst all the people of Gibraltar on a day of national celebration, ‘at a time when our rights as a people are under particular threat’.

For the sake of clarity the Leader of the opposition has said that his attendance at the rally does not signify an abandonment of the GSD’s long held position that since the New Constitution, Gibraltar enjoys a maximum level of self-Government short of independence and compatible with continued British sovereignty.  That also remains the position of the United Kingdom Government as publicly expressed by them on numerous occasions.

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Sep 03 - Clegg Reiterates UK Stance on Gibraltar to Spanish Deputy Chief Minister

nick cleggDeputy Chief Minister of the UK, Nick Clegg, last night spoke to Spanish Deputy Chief Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, regarding the on-going dispute between Gibraltar and Spain. Mr. Clegg regularly visits Spain with his Spanish wife and children, and is fluent in the language.

A spokesperson for the Deputy Chief Minister explained that Mr. Clegg spoke to the Spanish Deputy Chief Minister by phone. They add, ‘he reiterated the United Kingdom and Gibraltar’s commitment to ad hoc dialogue and confirmed that we were keen to discuss details of how we can take this forward.’

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Sep 03 - Foreign Secretary Parliament Update on Gibraltar Situation

hagueForeign Secretary of the Uk Government, William Hague, yesterday updated Parliament on the situation in Gibraltar. His statement was as follows:

‘Since 26 July, attempts by the Spanish government to exert pressure on Gibraltar and its people have increased significantly. Disproportionate and time-consuming checks have been introduced at the Gibraltar-Spain border, leading to delays of up to seven hours.

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Sep 02 - Spanish Man Carries Cross in Protest Over Gibraltar Spain Dispute

cross manSpanish national Justo Marquez travelled to Gibraltar this weekend carrying a 10kg cross, in order to request God’s intervention of the on-going dispute between Gibraltar and Spain. Press reports claim that the 50-year-old man is unemployed and planned to spend 24 hours in Gibraltar praying and fasting.

Sr. Marquez carried the cross on his back for four day before he arrived in Gibraltar. His pilgrimage began in Malaga. From there he walked, carrying the cross as well as a baguette and a bottle of water.

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Aug 30 - Cameron and Picardo Meeting: Downing Street Statement

ministers Following the meeting between Chief Minister Fabian PIcardo and David Cameron held earlier today, a statement released by Number 10 insists that the men discussed ‘the unacceptable delays at the Spanish/Gibraltar border and agreed that these are damaging to the people and economies of Gibraltar and Spain. They agreed that efforts should remain concentrated on finding a diplomatic solution, in line with the Foreign Secretary’s proposals last year for ad hoc dialogue’.

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