Apr 09 - Cameron Meets with Rajoy Over Spain UK Issues

david cameronUK Prime Minister, David Cameron this week met with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to discuss matters affecting both Spain and the UK. Spanish Daily Europa Sur insisted that the meeting raised the issue of the dispute between Spain and the UK and matters of forming a new framework of dialogue between the two countries.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office issued a notice today claiming that the meeting was not about Gibraltar, although the matter was raised briefly. The FCO added that the UK’s position on the matter of Gibraltar sovereignty has not changed, they will never enter into arrangements under which the people of Gibraltar would pass under the sovereignty of another State, against their wishes.

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Apr 08 - ‘Mrs Thatcher Broke the Mould’ – Gibraltar Pays Tribute to Former UK Prime Minister

mrs thatcherThe Government has today noted, with sadness, the death of former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. In a statement released this afternoon, the Government insisted that Mrs. Thatcher was a strong advocate of a British Gibraltar, both during and after her time as Prime Minister. She led the United Kingdom against Argentina over the invasion of the Falkland Islands in order to uphold the principle of the islanders' right to self-determination; an international legal principle of paramount importance to the People of Gibraltar.

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Apr 04 - PDP Calls for Answers on Commonwealth Park

pdpThe PDP has today expressed their concern over the delay in the development of the ‘proposed Commonwealth Park’. The Party has insisted that ‘any clear thinker would have waited until a definitive and realistic start date was announced before digging it up and blocking any access for pedestrians along that stretch of Queensway’.

The PDP have requested information on how much the project has cost so far and under what conditions the land was leased to the Government of Gibraltar, including any provisions the Government has made to re-provide these parking’s if, and when, the developer wants the land back?

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Apr 02 - Government Claims Opposition Failed to Engage with Them Over IOSCO Issue

government logoResponding to the recent GSD statement on Gibraltar’s failure to meet its obligations under the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (‘IOSCO’), the Government has insisted that it is important to clarify that Gibraltar is not blacklisted. They add that Gibraltar is on the same list of non-signatories as it was when the GSD was in office.

‘The MMOU was established in 2002. The GSD themselves did nothing to progress the signing by Gibraltar of the MMOU. In 2009, Gibraltar indicated that it was committed to sign the MMOU. The GSD failed to secure signature of the MMOU by December 2011.

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Apr 02 - GSD Welcomes Local Nurse Training

gsdIn a statement released today, the GSD has welcomed the Government’s recent announcement for the local training of nurses. The party adds that the initiative is a learning pathway that started in September 2009, when the NVQ level 2 in Health & Social Care was first launched. The Opposition insists that it is thanks to the GSD that nurses have the tools necessary ‘not only to be proficient at their practice through continuous professional development, but also have the means to develop as nurse managers’.

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