Mar 05 - Minister Sacramento Attends UN

sacramento new yorkThe Minister for Equality and Social Services, Samantha Sacramento is attending the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 57th Session at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. She will be at the UN from the 4th to the 6th March.

The CSW is a functional Commission of the United Nations Economic and Social Council and it is dedicated exclusively to gender and equality and the advancement of women.

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Mar 05 - Lib Dems Deputy Leader Mentions Gibraltar in Eastleigh Win Address

lib dem winLong-term friend of Gibraltar and Deputy Leader of Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes, held a dinner to celebrate thirty years as Constituent MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, recently.

The win by the Liberals in Eastleigh added a jubilant atmosphere to the evening. Mr Albert Poggio, United Kingdom Representative of H.M. Government of Gibraltar, represented the Government and Dr Joseph Garcia.

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Mar 05 - GSD Questions Government Monkey Management

apesThe GSD Opposition has today questioned whether the Government has lost its grip on reality when it issued the press release last week stating that it would be using noise makers around urban ‘hot spots’ in a bid to dissuade Barbary Macaques from frequenting the area and asking residents not be alarmed if they hear loud ‘bangs’ at random times throughout the day. 

The Opposition points out that the different troops of Barbary Macaques causing the problems are well established in some of these urban areas.  Gibraltar has no jungles or forests, and given the overpopulation of Macaques, using noise in one urban area will simply move the problem to another one. 

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Mar 04 - Government Insists GSD Subsidised Therapies Approach is ‘Inconsiderate’

ghaIn response to the GSD’s recent statement calling on the administration to confirm its position on therapies subsidised by the GHA, a Government statement has claimed that the party is seriously lacking in experienced MPs on the front bench and has scored another own goal.

A statement goes on to note, ‘In questioning the aim of the Government to provide additional services, the GSD takes a dog in the manger approach and suggests that when it comes to such services, it must be all or nothing. This clearly indicates that the GSD would wish to deprive all those benefiting from oxygen therapy and using NaPro technology just because the Government does not offer every possible form of alternative treatment. What a narrow-minded and inconsiderate approach from Mrs Ellul-Hammond.

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