Apr 30 - GSD Disappointed by Ochello Comments on May Day Viewpoint Interview

danny feetham Regarding Unite the Union Leader, Victor Ochello’s recent interview on GBC’s Viewpoint, regarding the withdrawal of Daniel Feetham’s invitation to speak at the May Day Rally, the Opposition has noted that they are disappointed by Mr. Ochello’s comments.

The GSD insists that Mr. Ochello gave a number of contradictory reasons for the issue, during the interview, including fact that the right procedure had not been followed and because the GSD had not declared its support for May Day.

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Apr 29 - PDP Welcomes Departure of Floating Hostel

pdpThe Progressive Democratic Party has welcomed the departure of the proposed Kalmar floating hostel, which left Gibraltar in Friday. The party insists that it was clear that the project, aimed at accommodating long term residents of Moroccan orgin, ‘ had not been thought through properly by the GSLP/Liberal Government, resulting in the wasteful expense of bringing the vessel to Gibraltar’.

The PDP are delighted that the Government have listened to the party’s concerns and taken the correct measure to send the floating hostel back to Rotterdam.

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Apr 29 - GONHS Comment on Tydeman Fishing Statement

gonhsCommenting on the recent statement made by Dr. Tydeman to the UK House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, The Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society have claimed that the Gibraltarian public hold the same opinion that British Government ‘values good relations with Spain far more than it does the interests of Gibraltar’. The Society insists that this view, held also by Dr. Tydeman, should not come across as controversial, locally. They go on to say that the Royal Navy’s inaction in adequately protecting local fisheries is difficult to explain in any other context, given that the Navy actually includes a ‘Fishery Protection Squadron’ that operates in UK waters and British waters around the Falklands. 

‘The Royal Navy itself states that the primary task of the squadron “is its involvement in the highly emotive and politically sensitive UK and European fishing industry.”’

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Apr 29 - Minister Sacramento Furthers Equality Agenda in London

samantha sacramentoSamantha Sacramento, Minister for Equality and Social Services is in London this week furthering the Government’s Equality Agenda.

The Minister last week met with Minister Helen Grant, the Joint Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice and for Women and Equality Issues. The Ministers discussed issues common to their portfolio and shared experiences and information on the matter.

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Apr 25 GSD Response - Government-Registered Companies

Gibraltar CompaniesGSD Astonished At Government Response

The GSD Opposition notes the Government’s astonishing statement that the use of No 6 Convent Place (the principal offices of the Government of Gibraltar) as registered address and provision of company formation, administration and nominee services is part of the GSLP-Liberal manifesto commitments to assist entrepreneurs and persons setting up their companies.

Of course, this, in effect, means that the Government of Gibraltar is providing subsidised company formation and subsidised nominee shareholders in the form of public servants, on top of subsidised contracts with the Government of Gibraltar by direct allocation and subsidised labour through the Future Job Strategy scheme! 

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