Feb 15 - Spain Insistent on Excluding Gibraltar from EU Aviation Rules

airportEuropa Sur reports that Spain has insisted to the UK government, that they will be ignoring the Cordoba Agreement and intent to push forward with their plan to get Gibraltar excluded from the current EU Aviation rules.

Europe Minister David Lidington insisted last month that the UK Government would do everything in their power to protect the interests of Gibraltar. The Spanish Government reminded the UK that the Cordoba Agreement expired in 2006.

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Feb 14 - Minister Sacramento Addresses Falklands Conference

sacramentoMinister for Social Services and Equality Samantha Sacramento yesterday delivered a speech at the 43rd British Islands and Mediterranean Region Annual Conference (BIMR) of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The event is being hosted in the Falkland Islands and will end today.

Minister Sacramento gave the speech, entitled ‘The Right to Self Determination is not curtailed by Sovereignty Claims’ on behalf of the Chief Minister who was unable to attend the conference.

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Feb 13 - GSD Reveal Truth on Debentures and Public Finance

gsbThe GSD yesterday claimed that regarding the issue of Government Debentures and Public Finance. The Party claims that the Government has yet again sought to ‘play the man rather than the ball’.

The comment that the Leader of the Opposition does not understand public finance without dealing with any of the issues raised in our communiqué last week, which are genuinely of concern to Government debenture holders, is simply symptomatic of the way the Government habitually conduct politics.  They seem determined not to focus on the issues and properly explain their policy.

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Feb 11 - Ellul-Hammond to Probe Cortes on IVF Alternatives

gsdDuring this month’s session of Parliament, Opposition Spokesman for Health, Isobel Ellul-Hammond is set to probe Health Minister Dr. Cortes about when the new GHA website will be launched and when the Colon Cancer screening programme will start. She will also ask the Minister whether he is now in a position to publish the GHA review Report. Mrs. Ellul-Hammond will also query the GHA process used for measuring the results of hospitals used in the UK, Spain and other countries Gibraltar refer GHA patients to, as Sponsored Patients.

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