June 05 - GSD Statement On Fishing Report

gsdFollowing the tabling of the Fishing Report commissioned by the Government in Parliament yesterday, the Opposition has had an opportunity of reviewing its contents.  It intends, however, to carry out a more thorough review over the coming days. 

Whilst the report appears to represent a detailed analysis of matters as wide ranging as, for example, fishing stocks, information relating to these, the relevant history and EU and international conventions, the important ‘elephant in the room’ issue for the public is whether there will be a solution found to the current uncertainty.

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June 05 - PDP Welcome Establishment Of Select Committee On Parliamentary Reform

pdpA statement from the PDP:

The PDP watched with interest the Parliamentary debate on the conclusions of the Commission of Democratic and Parliamentary Reform and welcome the decision of the Government to establish a cross-party select committee to consider the commission’s findings and give further thought to Gibraltar’s future Democratic and Parliamentary structure specifically the enlargement of Parliament.

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