Cross Frontier Group Pays Homage To All Affected By Border Closure

The Cross Frontier Group says it wishes to pay homage to all those people on both sides of the border who suffered as a consequence of the closure of the Frontier. 

A spokesperson said: “We would like us all to remember those who suffered this siege: those who lost their jobs; the separated families; those who had to emigrate; and companies that lost a significant part of their business. 

“Since its inception over five years ago, the Cross Frontier Group have worked diligently towards cooperation and dialogue as the only possible means for greater understanding between peoples. We represent an example of how the defense of the common rights of citizens on both sides of the border can be taken forward by putting differences aside. 

“In short, the Cross Frontier Group is a concrete example of unity and a guarantee that one of the most atrocious attacks against human rights is never repeated again. “