ESG Urges Government To Hold Back Future 5G Plans

The Environmental Safety Group says it has been witnessing the rise of 5G technology in the international public media with “growing concern.” The group has today urged the Government to hold back on its plans to roll out the new technology until there is further proof that it’s safe.

The group says that, while the UK Government has dismissed a close to 20,000 strong petition urging Parliament to consider the potential health and ecological impacts of this new phase technology, there are other countries announcing bans on its introduction on these same concerns.

A statement concluded: “Officials from three European countries, as well as a USA State, have called for bans and further research to better understand the fears linked to 5G, and its impact on the natural world and on public health. The ESG calls on Gibraltar to join Poland, Switzerland, Brussels and Louisiana, in adopting a similar halt of the 5G rollout until further and robust proof of its safety is attained from preferably a non- industry source.”