Save Queensway Quay Express “Enormous Gratitude” For Support

Save Queensway Quay Limited has expressed its “enormous gratitude” to both the leadership of Gibraltar and the wider community, both inside and outside of Gibraltar, who have “overwhelmingly and unequivocally supported” the campaign to stop the development of Queensway Quay. However, the action group warns that it stands ready to oppose any modified proposal for development in the future.

A statement continued: “In so doing, they have shown insight, vision and courage to put the community's modern- day values in front of a self-serving, nonsensical, unwarranted development proposal. Any such proposal would not only destroy one of Gibraltar's great local attractions - enjoyed by so many - but would also result in multiple years of pollution, turbulence and eventual destruction to an area steeped in the history and heritage of Gibraltar. This is not to mention the likely result of the eventual closure of the existing restaurants and local commercial businesses that thrive there as well.

“Accordingly, the categorical, clear-cut and explicit support we have received against the development of the three sites at Queensway Quay, not being supported by any of the current major political parties, is a testament to the numerous understandable and grave concerns being voiced by our community who feel strongly that our environment and our people should come first. This is the Gibraltar of the future, not a concrete jungle.

“We also wish to place on record that Save Queensway Quay, along with all Gibraltarians, are alert to the possibility that the proposal could be modified in an attempt to circumvent the expressed wishes of our community and its leadership. If such a charade is attempted, Save Queensway Quay, backed by the enduring strength and will of widespread public opinion, will be standing ready to protect Gibraltar and fight for its values.

“Equally importantly, Save Queensway Quay is greatly encouraged that the important issue of “Open Spaces” in the whole of Gibraltar has now been reenergised by this campaign. It is clear that “Open Spaces” desperately need to be maintained and protected throughout Gibraltar. Save Queensway Quay will campaign for this to be strongly considered in the new Gibraltar Development Plan and will extend its full support and resources to these initiatives for the long term benefit of all who love Gibraltar.”