New Vehicles And Equipment For Britannia

The Government has equipped Britannia Cleaning Services with the first 9 out of 21 new vehicles.

Minister for the Environment John Cortes said: “I am very pleased that we have now received these vehicle, with more on the way. We promised this to the workforce, who we have always supported, and so we are providing the tolls and equipment that they need to carry on with their work of making Gibraltar a cleaner and cleaner place. I want to personally thank them for your patience and their commitment to the work that they do, that often goes unappreciated by many.” 

The vehicles that have been ordered are listed below: 

  • 4 Mechanical rotor-wash surface cleaners
  • 4 Mechanical scrubbers/washers
  • 4 Mechanical sweepers
  • 1 Mechanical sweeper with scrubber/washer pre- installed
  • 1 Electric mechanical sweeper
  • 3 Recycling vehicles
  • 3 Electric vehicles with pressure hose
  • 1 tailgate vehicle for removal of accumulations 

Plus the following equipment: 

  • 8 Rotor-wash manual extensions
  • 2 Electric manual pedestrian sweepers