Regimental Sergeant Major’s Challenge

In December 2019, 61 members of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment (RG) and 4 members from the wider British Forces Gibraltar (BFGib) military community took part in the annual Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM)’s challenge. 

A statement follows below:

The challenge was both physically and mentally demanding, designed to push competitors to their physical limits.  Starting at Devil’s Tower Camp (DTC) and finishing at Princess Caroline’s Battery in the Upper Rock, those participating worked hard to achieve individual best effort times as they conducted a 10.2km loaded march, carrying 15kg. 

Under the stewardship of the RG All Arms Physical Training Instructors (AAPTI), the RG’s suitably progressive training programme was delivered to the highest standard.  This was evidenced by the fact that all competitors who started the challenge successfully completed it.

Congratulations to Sgt Fuller, an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) who completed the challenge in 1:07.47.  Sgt Fuller also took the prize for the fastest time in the 30-39 age category. The fastest competitor in the under 30’s category was Pte Webster (RG) in a time of 1:08.30 and the fastest over 40’s competitor was Maj Kemp (Physiotherapist) finishing in a time of 1:13.53.

The 2019 RSM’s challenge was both a great success and evidence of the mental and physical strength of soldiers within the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and wider BFGib military community.  

A big thank you to the Gym staff for organising the event, especially LPT Howard, Pte Davis and Mr Jimmy Connors.