GPLM Raises Concerns With Abortion Care Guide And Care Pathway

The Gibraltar Pro Life Movement has raised concerns regarding the GHA's publication of the Abortion Care Guide and Care Pathway.

A statement from the Gibraltar Pro Life Movement follows below:

The Gibraltar Pro Life Movement has today provided their initial reaction to the GHA publication of the ‘Abortion Care Guide' and Care Pathway. 

It first welcomed the powerful statement made by Babystepps in response to the same publication, with Sarah Cumming, spokesperson for the GPLM stating “We too have been contacted by bereaved  parents who have been very distressed by the recent publication of the GHA Abortion Care guide and pathway, which has promised provision of services which to date have been sadly lacking for parents suffering baby loss. We are glad that Babystepps has addressed these concerns. 

Miss Cumming continued by saying ‘From our perspective, the GHA care guide and pathway raises various other serious points of concern and we will be seeking to discuss these with the Health Minister at the earliest opportunity. The expectation that there will be prompt access to Consultants and counselling services without extra resources being put in place, knowing how overstretched the departments are, is at best naive.’ 

Miss Cumming concluded by saying that the GPLM looks forward to meeting Minister Sacramento in the near future to discuss the 34 points presented to her at the last meeting as agreed.