Gibraltar Disability Society Welcomes Proposals By Chief Minister

The Gibraltar Disability Society has welcomed the proposal by the Chief Minister that “the issue of special needs be de-politicised”. 

A statement from the Gibraltar Disability Society follows below:

The Disability Society has never politicised  the issue of disability and has worked over the past 55 years with all parties in  Government to bring about change and inclusion. 

The further proposal by Mr Picardo to not only establish a select committee, but also  to make it the first in the history of the House to have an equal number of government  and opposition members, is encouraging. There are many outstanding issues in all  areas including the necessity to complete the transposition of the UN Convention on  the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, educational and healthcare plan pathways and  a lack of supported employment framework being a handful of examples. The  forming of a select committee is one part of a process. The Disability Society  therefore seeks confirmation that any resulting recommendations from said committee  are made public and accepted by Government and acted upon.