GDRF Concerned By Recent Unite Survey

The Gibraltar Disability Rights Federation has raised concerns about Unite's recent survey which highlights high levels of stress amongst Care Agency workers.

A statement from the Gibraltar Disability Rights Federation follows below:

The Gibraltar Disability Rights Federation which is now comprised of 15 local groups, has today raised concerns about a recent survey and press release issued by Unite in relation to Care Agency workers. The survey depicted high levels of stress amongst staff and Unite has raised concerns about working conditions and contractual conditions which are still ongoing. The GDRF is concerned as it is evident that high levels of stress, uncertainty and demoralisation will undoubtedly have an effect on both service provision and service users. For the sake of all those involved, the GDRF hopes that the matter will get addressed promptly. 

The GDRF has recently called on the Government to address the need for a local independent Care Quality Commission to monitor, inspect and regulate care services. This is one of the representations that the GDRF made in a letter addressed to various Governments Officials for which it still awaits an official response to in writing. It is the GDRFs firm belief that such a body would encourage the effective and efficient use of resources which would in turn lead to lower stress levels amongst care staff, higher moral and a better service provision. 

The GDRF once again highlights the importance of the full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and stresses how a body such as a Care Quality Commission who can monitor and regulate the standard of the service being provided, will help to get the Government closer to meet its obligations under said Convention. The GDRF further highlights, that the UN Convention makes clear provisions for States Parties to promote the development of initial and continuing training for professionals and staff working in habilitation and rehabilitation services. The result of which would undoubtedly be a better equipped work force of carers and happier service users. 

The GDRF hopes the Government takes measures to implement these much needed reforms to deliver better environments and conditions for both workers and service users. When developing these reforms the GDRF hopes that the ethos of respecting diversity, promoting equality and ensuring human rights are at the forefront of policy development and provision. The result of this should always be an outcome by which the service user can benefit from the confidence of being in receipt of safe and quality social care governed by professional and statutory standards.