Sep 12 - Public Asked to Remain Vigilant with Western Beach Bathing

western beachThe public has been asked to note that the quality of the bathing waters at Western Beach could deteriorate at any time and without warning. This is due to the discharges from the storm drain constructed by the Spanish authorities in La Linea, Spain. Discharges and the contamination they cause are often erratic and can be heavily influenced by the quantity and duration of any rainfall.

Though the official bathing season has ended, the quality of the bathing waters at Western Beach will continue to be monitored three times a week and the results displayed on the Environmental Agency website:-

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Sep 12 - HMS Penzance Visits the Rock

hms penzanceRoyal Navy minehunter HMS Penzance arrives in Gibraltar on Friday for a short visit before heading into the Mediterranean as part of the German-led multi-national maritime force ‘Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2’ (SNMCMG2),

The Faslane-based warship is the UK’s most up-to-date minehunter and is carrying out her first sea deployment since her six-month comprehensive refit programme. Her role is to neutralise underwater threats and clear the sea-lanes for shipping. HMS PENZANCE is one of seven Sandown-class minehunters.

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Sep 12 - Rain Expected this Weekend - Warns MET Office

newsThe MET Office has today warned that this weekend is likely to see the first rainfall after an extended dry period. The amount of rain is not expected to reach the criteria that would require the Met Office to issue a severe weather warning. Nevertheless the public, especially those who reside in premises that have patios and basements are advised to ensure that drains, gullies, etc. are clear of debris so as to avoid flooding.

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Sep 12 - Russian Missile Cruiser Passes Through Gibraltar Strait

russian missile cruiser Reports from the Russian Navy have have stated that the force’s Moskva missile cruiser this week passed through the Strait of Gibraltar on its way to the eastern Mediterranean to assume command of the Russian naval force.

The vessel, which has aptly been named a ‘carrier killer’ by NATO passed through the Strait this Tuesday. The Russian Navy unit, which is currently stationed on-board the Admiral Pantaleyev will be relocated to the Moskva upon its arrival on September 15th.

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