Apr 16 - Classic Vehicle Association Welcomes New Classic Car Protection Legislation

parliament The Gibraltar Classic Vehicle Association (GCVA) welcomes Parliament’s approval of the new legislation designed to protect, enhance and properly regulate the use of classic vehicles in Gibraltar.

The new legislation means that for the first time classic vehicles are recognised in Law as requiring special treatment. The road testing requirements, popularly known as MOT testing, will take into account the age of the vehicle and the motor technology that was available at the time it was first built. This, for example, will exempt classic vehicles from today's very stringent emission controls.

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Apr 14 - Unite Pushes for MoD Workers Pay Addition Claim

uniteChristian Duo Acting Regional Officer of Unite the Union Gibraltar recently attended high level meetings in London including a meeting at the Union's head Office with the National Officer for the MoD & Government Departments.

The main purpose of the visit was to discuss a pay addition claim for locally entered civilians working for MoD Gibraltar, in order to encompass any prevailing local economic pressures. This adjustment is already recognised by MoD for UK Based Civilians posted to Gibraltar.

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