Mar 12 - Volunteers Needed for Botanical Gardens Natural Learning Centre

natural learning centreThe Botanical Gardens’ new Natural Learning Centre, which is aimed at providing a safe place for children to learn the joys of planting and caring for plants whilst learning new skills and the importance of looking after our environment, is looking for volunteers to help run further sessions with children.

The Natural Learning Centre is already being used by a weekly children's gardening club.  The children are growing edible plants which will be planted into a special bed within the gardens.  The public are encouraged to visit the gardens over the next few months and witness the project take shape.  

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Mar 12 - 8th March Power Cut Fault of Human Error

gib elecThe Gibraltar Electricity Authority have apologised for any inconvenience to the public on account of the power outage that occurred on Friday 8th March 2013 affecting 5 districts of consumers. The outage occurred at approximately 00.08 hrs with all consumers having power restored by about 00.11hrs.

The power outage was as the direct result of human error. An operator in GMES power station control room inadvertently shed the load of the generators too quickly as part of the operation of shutting down the engines in the south district power station/s for the night. This action caused the system frequency to drop below 1.5 Hertz for over 50 milliseconds thus activating the falling frequency load shedding protection to be activated.

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