Sep 03 - Mount Alvernia Refurbishment Complete

An extensive refurbishment project has been completed at Mount Alvernia. The works involved the replacement of crumbling balconies, extensive interior redecoration, the reinforcement of a retaining wall and exterior painting and plastering. The building, which comes under the management of the Care Agency, had been covered in scaffolding for around 12 years and a previous modernisation programme had been delayed indefinitely.

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Sep 02 - Amphibious Operation Cougar Involves Immense Task Force of Over 1000 Staff

bulwark Ahead of the Royal Navy’s flagship annual deployment, Operation Cougar, Naval vessels HMS Bulwark, RFA Wave Knight and RFA Lyme Bay are spending 48 hours in Gibraltar. Cougar is an amphibious deployment to areas of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region.

HMS Bulwark is at the forefront of the deployment, carrying Royal Marines, aircraft and vehicles. She is an assault ship with the primary role of projecting Royal Marines across the beach in an amphibious operation.

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Sep 02 - Groundbreaking Gorham’s Cave Discovery of Neanderthal Engraving

news Yesterday evening a paper was released by the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, detailing a recent discovery in Gibraltar Gorham’s Cave of the first ever-Neanderthal engraving.

The discovery, made by Franchesco d’Errico of the University of Bordeaux, during a long-term excavation of Gorham’s Cave, was almost unfathomable. The team, also including the Gibraltar Museum’s Professor Clive Finlayson, Dr. Geraldine Finlayson, Francisco Giles Pachaco and Rodrigues Vidal, carried out extensive experiments to prove their belief that the engraving was over 44,000 years old.

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