Dec 23 - Ocean Village Announces New Development Amidst Protests of 'Overbuilding'

ocean village Ocean Village this week revealed plans to develop new superyacht berths and short-stay rental apartments, on top of the Marina Bay marina. 126 waterside apartments are planned in an effort to ‘address a local need for short-stay and rental accommodation and make the provision of Superyacht berthing more economically viable,’ claimed a spokesperson for Ocean Village.

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Dec 23 - New Year’s Eve and Pretty Huge Goals

By Shameem Guilliano

So it’s officially Christmastime. It’s everyone’s favourite time of year unless you’re lumbered with all the gift-buying and cooking.  If you’re still a teen or in your early 20’s chances are you still see some sort of magic in the season. Sure, we still have to buy gifts, but the pressure to buy every family member and the dog a gift isn’t really there yet. After the Christmas hustle and bustle, we arrive at the most anticipated day of the year: New Year’s Eve.

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