Jul 19 - Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

ice creamAs Summer rears to that almost unbearable peak, a pleasant thought to keep in mind is that this Sunday marks annual National Ice Cream Day. The fairly unknown holiday is, unsurprisingly, a creation that stemmed from the US. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan made a proclamation that each July would mark national Ice Cream month, with every third Sunday playing host to National Ice Cream Day.

Within his proclamation, President Reagan explained that the ice cream industry generated $3.5 billion in annual sales and provides jobs for thousands of citizens. He added that almost ten percent of all the milk produced in the US in the 80s was used to produce ice cream.

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Jul 19 - Commonwealth Park Details Unveiled

Further details of the Government’s Commonwealth Park project were released this afternoon. Minister John Cortes together with Mark Gregory the Managing Director of Landform Consultants, conducted a presentation outlining the main features of the park which is set to be completed by the end of March next year.

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Jul 18 - The World Awaits a Royal Arrival

newsAs both the public and the international press wait with baited breath for baby Prince or Princess of Cambridge to be born into the world, it has been noted that the child’s name is un-likely to be released for at least a week following its birth.

Regardless of the child’s gender, it is set to be the third in line for the thrown following their father Prince William and Grandfather Prince Charles. Press reports claim that William and Kate do not want to know the sex of their baby before it is born.

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Jul 18 - Compulsory Motorcycle Training

The Ministry of Traffic, Housing and Technical Services wishes to inform the General Public that, as from 1st September 2013, persons wishing to apply for a learner’s licence in respect of mopeds or motorcycles will have to undertake a Compulsory Basic Training Course. This course will ensure that every person receives basic instruction on safe use and demonstrates a minimum level of skill.

It follows that a person may undertake Module 1 “Theoretical Training” and Module 2 “On Site Practical Training” once they attain the age of 16 years and 6 months. However, Module 3, which is conducted on public roads, can only be completed once a person attains the age of 17 years old.

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