Apr 02 - Injured Soldiers to Holiday in Gibraltar

give us timeIn the next two weeks, several injured soldiers will be visiting Gibraltar, courtesy of a charity called ‘Give Us Time’. The charity, founded by former UK Defence Secretary Dr. Liam Fox, aims to provide holidays for soldiers recently returned from operational duties. These soldiers require quality time with their families in order to reintegrate into family life and to recuperate after six difficult months apart.

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Apr 02 - Couple Reunited During HMS Scott Boat Transfer

hms scott coupleDuring a routine boat transfer to the HMS Scott during its time in Gibraltar this weekend, Deputy Principal Medical Officer of the Princess Royal Medical Centre in Gibraltar, had a chance to be reunited with his wife, who is currently deployed with the HMS Scott.

Chief Survey Recorder Suzie Cook tied the Vessels RHIB up alongside at HM Naval Base where she was met by Surgeon Lieutenant Commander Andy Vale and a bouquet of flower. The couple has spent three months apart since spending Christmas together last December.

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Mar 28 - GSD Voices Concern over IOSCO Non-Compliance

gsdOpposition spokesman for Justice, Home Affairs and Financial Services, Selwyn Figueras, is today seeking clarification and assurances from the Government to allay finance industry concerns stemming from Gibraltar's apparent failure to meet its obligations under the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (‘IOSCO’), namely compliance with the Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (‘MMoU’).

“Established in 2002, the MMoU provides a global framework for enforcement co-operation between securities regulators, thereby helping to ensure effective regulation and to preserve the strength of securities markets. Signatories represent approximately 95% of global securities markets, and the IOSCO MMoU is the leading instrument for multi-lateral co-operation in the enforcement of securities regulation. “

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Mar 28 - Government Prepares Tender for Permanent Power Solution

governmentWith regards to the Government’s permanent solution to Gibraltar’s power supply demands, the Inter Ministerial Committee on Power Generation, which is chaired by the Chief Minister, has concluded its consideration of the options available to Gibraltar for a new power station.

The Committee has considered all fuel options for electricity generation and all possible locations. The Government has carried out studies on pollution and emissions from different fuel and engine types.

Tenders for the development of the new Power station are expected to finalised and issued within the next six to eight weeks.

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