Feb 18 - Monkey Initiative Launched in Attempt to Drive Macaques Back up the Rock

apesFollowing recent complaints by locals, regarding the increasing number of Barbary Macaques within Estates and urbanised areas, the Department of the Environment, along with the RGP, Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic and GONHS has launched a new initiative aimed at focusing awareness on the consequences of feeding the monkeys.

The ‘Get our monkeys back to nature’ initiative hopes to encourage the public to cooperate in a concerted drive to draw monkeys back into living on wild food. The scheme will see leaflets distributed, warning individuals on how to act around the animals and why they are urged not to feed them.

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Feb 18 - Vinetrust Cake Sale Success

vinetrustVine Trust Gibraltar held an extremely successful cake sale on Saturday that saw the charity raise over £250. The team has thanked all volunteers who provided them with cookies, cakes and shortbread to sell, as well as all customers.

The cakes were provided by members of the work party going out to Tanzania in October, the congregation of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and other supporters. Several people gave just monetary donations as they have 'given up cakes for Lent'.

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Feb 15 - Middle Schools Educated on Gibraltar Rubbish

middle schoolStudents of both St. Anne’s and Bishop Fitzgerald middle schools recently visited the rubbish separation plant in Los Barrios. The children followed the route that our rubbish travels on a daily basis and were made aware of the importance of recycling. They also discovered that each resident of Gibraltar throws, on average, a shocking 1 tonne of rubbish every year.

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