Team St.Theresa’s Win 2019 GDA Friendship Cup

Last night the George Federico Darts Hall hosted the GDA Friendship Cup.

The winners were a five-man team from St. Theresa’s Social Club.

The trophy was donated by Mr. Bill Gibson, the Leicestershire (UK) secretary and brought to Gibraltar by Mr Dicky McCarthy and Mr. John Trinidad.

A statement from the Gibraltar Darts Association follows below:

This year saw a very good turn out with 49 players registering. The format is Teams of 5 players, who play “best of 3” legs. The tournament was played in a great atmosphere with all players impressed with the new venue. 

Teams were;
Ultra Terrestrials
Varyl Begg Warriors A
Varyl Begg Warriors B
St. Theresa’s
College A
Gib Spartans
The Punishers Monsters Inc
College B

In the Preliminary Round College secured a comfortable win over Glacis 4-1 with Karl Mena being the only Glacis player to win his match. The match between Ultra Terrestrials & The Punishers was a much closer affair only settled with a last leg decider with Will Pisani beating Isven Efigenio 2-0.

Quarter Finals

College A had a comfortable win over Monsters Inc with Shaine Israel being the only player on the losing team to claim a leg.

St. Theresa’s also cruised past Varyl Begg Warriors A, Guillermo Mascarenhas claiming the only leg for the losing team. Dyson Parody hit a maximum 180.

College B made light work of The Punishers, Chris Dalli claiming the only leg while losing 2-1 to George Federico, who also hit a 180.

Varyl Begg Warriors B had a closer match V Gib Spartans which went to a deciding leg, won by Jayden Wood.

Semi Finals

St. Theresa’s 3-2 College A

David Francis 2-1 Sean Negrette (D.Francis 180)
Dylan Duo Sr 0-2 Carlos Muñoz
Dayle Ramirez 2-1 Dyson Parody (D.Parody 180)
Jarvis Bautista 0-2 Justin Hewitt
Dylan Duo Jr 0-2 Justin Broton (J. Broton 112 checkout)

College B 3 V 0 Gib Spartans

Justin Stagno 2-0 Jayden Wood
George Federico 2-0 Jason Segui (G. Federico 180)
George Ramos 2-0 Nicholas Fortunato (G. Ramos 180)


St. Theresa’s 3-0 College B

College B only had 4 players (making their reaching the final all the more impressive) so started the match 1-0 down.

Sean Negrette beat Justin Stagno 2-0 followed by Dyson Parody sealing the victory by beating George Federico 2-1 and hitting another 180 on the way.

Congratulations to St. Theresa’s, commiserations to College B!

180’s: Dyson Parody x 3, George Federico x 2, David Francis, George Ramos x 1

High Finishes: Justin Broton 112