Jun 14 - GibFibreSpeed Mid Harbours Estate Competition Winner Announcement

GibFibreSpeed held a competition in Mid Harbours estate where residents could upgrade their TV and receive ultrafast fibre internet and 200 Fibre TV channels for only £15 per month. If you would like to register for this GibFibreSpeed offer you can visit www.gibfibrespeed.com/register for further details

The three winners were: Nathan Watts, James Sawyer and Eileen Desoiza (her children are shown in the picture).

The winners received the below prizes:

  • £50 M&S Gibraltar voucher
  • £50 Debenhams home voucher
  • £50 Holland & Barratt Gibraltar voucher
  • Each winner received a selection of GibFibreSpeed merchandise

You can follow GibFibreSpeed’s Facebook page to see where the next estate competitions will be. Up next we have Varyl Begg and Albert Risso House. You can enter into the competition here: www.gibfibrespeed.com/register