Jul 17 - GHA Website Allows Users to Cancel Appointments

ghaLaunching the innovative GHA website this morning, Health Minister Dr John Cortes insisted that 160 page site portrayed how dynamic and forward thinking the Authority was. He also urged site users to present their feedback by contacting the in house team.

The GHA IT team, consisting of Darion Figueredo and Leigh Adnett designed and developed the WordPress website completely in-house in order to obtain complete control over the content that is uploaded. The website currently provides information on all aspects of Gibraltar’s healthcare services, as well as brochures and pamphlets on all GHA departments. Users can also cancel any appointments on the website. When asked whether the possibility of making or changing appointments would become available through the website, Dr. Cortes insisted that this would be a possibility in the future. He noted that along with the website, the Authority’s twitter and Facebook pages were to be launched today, also.

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Jul 12 - Commonwealth Park Soil Manufactured Locally

Commonwealth Park needs about 3000m3 of soil for planting of trees and shrubs.

Under normal circumstances this would have been imported from Spain. Some issues arise with that on a scheme of this size, namely: the quantities, quality and consistency of the material cannot be guaranteed; there are doubts as to the environmental impact of the extraction process in Spain, especially given the current lull in construction activity; the possibility of delays and issues at the border, as with any other material and the transport operation equates to 150 journeys by heavy lorry from potentially far afield, with their consequent carbon impact.

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Jul 11 - YGTV Rebranding – It’s Just Around The Corner!

YGTV’s hugely popular website, which keeps you all informed throughout the day, will be re-launched as a fresher, smarter and better site this coming Monday 15th July. YGTV is going from strength to strength – last month alone, we enjoyed 45,269 unique hits and almost 60,000 page views showing that we are, for many, the first port of call for online news in Gibraltar. To keep up with a rapidly changing world, we felt it was time to give our website a makeover so we’ll be presenting a fresher, more user-friendly site in a few days. Unfortunately, this will mean that YGTV’s website will be down during the weekend in the run up to Monday’s launch.

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June 12 - Just Consulting Launch New Website

juJust Consulting, Gibraltar’s premier marketing and advertising agency, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The site has been significantly improved and includes easily accessible information on the company and its services including testimonials from satisfied clients like AquaGib and Sovereign Trust.

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