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Girlguiding And Scouts Smarties Challenge 2023

Girlguiding Gibraltar and Scouts Gibraltar have launched a fundraising challenge within their associations. 

A statement from Girlguiding Gibraltar and Scouts Gibraltar follows below:


Dubbed the ‘Smarties Challenge’, members have been given a Smarties tube with instructions to eat or gift the smarties, but to keep the tube and fill it up over the course of the month with either 20p or £1 coins. Upon return of a full tube, children will be presented with a specially commissioned fun badge.


All funds raised will be counted and then split between Guiding and Scouting and a number of local child welfare and support charities.


Commissioner for Scouts Gibraltar, Mark Rodriguez, said “Our young people are always up for a challenge and I’m sure they will do their best as they always do”


Commissioner for Girlguiding Gibraltar, Claire Montado, said “As an association we are very fortunate to enjoy the support of the local community in all our activities and endeavours. Through this challenge we aim to be able to give something back and in turn support local youth focused charities”