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London Calling: Gibraltarian Playwriting in 2023

By Julian Felice

With everything else that has been going on in yet another tumultuous year, it is very easy to overlook that 2023 has been an extraordinary year for local playwriting. Five plays by four different Gibraltarian playwrights have been performed in the United Kingdom this year - two in the capital itself - as further evidence that this particular strand of local writing goes from strength to strength, achieving a level of international recognition rarely enjoyed in this field. As the year comes to a close, it is perhaps only fitting to summarise and celebrate these achievements, while looking at the possibilities for the year ahead. 

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The C Word

By Jeremy Sacramento 

As we've entered the final stages of the GSD leadership election, we have seen an upping of the ante, with a notable uptick in the toing and froing between the camps.

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Holliday Endorses Bossino For GSD Leadership


Joe Holliday, former GSD Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, has endorsed Damon Bossino in Tuesday’s leadership election.

In a personal statement released this weekend, Mr Holliday said:

Following my departure from frontline politics in 2011, I have refrained from making any political statement. However, in light of the recent public comments made, I feel I have to offer my own views in respect of the forthcoming GSD leadership election. 

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Sir Peter: Both GSD Leadership Candidates Capable Of Leading Party To Electoral Success

Sir Peter Caruana, former GSD leader and Chief Minister, has told party members that both Keith Azopardi and Damon Bossino “are capable of leading the party to electoral success” and that “both would govern Gibraltar, in an ever-evolving world, fairly and in the interests of the whole community as a modern, tolerant and inclusive society.” Sir Peter made these statements in a letter to party members ahead of the GSD’s leadership election tomorrow.

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GSD Leadership Election: Azopardi Launches New 200-Day Programme

A statement from Keith Azopardi follows below:

When I was elected GSD leader in 2017 I set out an initial 200- day programme which laid the basis of  work to broaden our appeal, initiate fresh outreach into the community, grow the membership and  lead to the gains in popular support at the last election. The increase in support happened in large  measure because of that early groundwork. I have also dedicated myself tirelessly to that vision of  change, regeneration and the strengthening of the Party since then. 

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