JUBILITA Food Festival: Advance Sale Now Underway

The Jubilita Food Festival takes place on Thursday 2 June 2022 celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  Event goers can enjoy 8 delicious dishes on a route starting at Theatre Royal Park and ending at Campion Square (see full menu below).

The event is free to enter - with music and children’s entertainment, Jubilita is set to be a relaxed enjoyable evening suitable for all ages.

For a limited period, advance food tickets are now on sale at a substantial discount via www.Buytickets.gi.  Organisers are strongly recommending food is bought in advance, to reduce queuing and to avoid the disappointment of turning up on the night to find that the dish you were hoping to buy has already sold out.

“The full food route comprises 8 courses – it’s a lot of food” commented a spokesperson for organisers Word of Mouth / Gibmedia “It’s very suitable for two or more people to share a single ticket, or for a single hungry person to sample the entire route, and with the advance price at just £3.75 per dish – it’s very good value for money”.

Each dish has been specially designed for the Jubilita event, and celebrates Gibraltar’s links with Her Majesty the Queen.  From the “Platinum Pudding” to the “HM’s Purple Heart Jubilita Cocktail” and the classic “Platinum Coronation Chicken” this mouth-watering offering is certainly fit for a Queen!.

Advance tickets are on sale now and can be bought on www.BuyTickets.gi.  For £30 event goers can buy the entire foodie route that comprises all 8 courses including a special Royal cocktail.  If any tickets are left over from the advance sale, they will be sold on the day for £40 so event goers can save £10 by buying early.

Advance buyers will be able to swap tokens on the night if they want to skip one course, and have double of another course (reasonable use policy applies).  Individual dishes will also be on sale on the day from each stall priced £5.  “It’s definitely worth buying early, and at a substantial discount” recommended organisers Word of Mouth / Gibmedia.

You can stay up to date on Jubilita by following their social media accounts;

Instagram: @CalentitaFood

Facebook: @Calentita Festival

Twitter: @Calentita



<<<A tasting menu fit for a Queen>>>

<<Two or more people can share or one hungry person can eat the lot>>

Advance Price £30 (£3.75 per dish)

At Theatre Royal Park

The Purple Heart

The Queen’s Jubilita Cocktail

An Aperitif

Our very own special limited edition Royal Jubilita Cocktail – a drink that mixes Gibraltar’s military history, and Royal Connections, with the sultry warmth of the Mediterranean , a blend of JACO gin from 1704, a dash of Blue Curaçao and Grenadine, topped up with soda or lemonade, garnished with violas and bubbles– served ice cold on the Rock – prepared by those talented chaps at Spirit of the Rock.

(Naked alcohol-free version also available)

Bollitos de Coronation Chicken

Platinum Jubilee Edition

A Starter to Commence Proceedings

The classic Royal dish, created for Her Majesty the Queen’s Coronation, brought up to date with a special Platinum Jubilee twist.  A unique blend of mayo, curry powder, cinnamon, chutney and sultanas mixed together and season with black pepper.  Served in a freshly baked brioche bun, garnished with almond flakes and fresh salad leaves.  Created by the skilled chefs of Gibraltar’s only private members club – the Casino Calpe.

(Vegan alternative also available)

At John Mackintosh Square

The Royal Croquetas

Inspired by Her Majesty’s Banquet on the Rock in 1954

The First of Four Main Courses

Taking one of Gibraltar’s favourite dishes and giving it the Royal flourish.  A creamy bechamel sauce, combined with mashed potatoes and a secret blend of Royal ingredients – making this a truly one off tasting experience.  Served with a side of Royal Jelly (and two classic croquetas de pollo y uno de espinaca – just in case the Royal one is a bit too posh).  Created by the masters of the Gibraltarian croqueta at El Capote.

(Vegan option also available)

The Curry and the Crown

Gibraltar where East meets West

A nod to Her Majesty’s Secret Love Affair with Curry

A sumptuous blend of Royal spices flavours specially imported from India.  Chicken marinaded in lemon juice, ginger, garlic, turmeric, ground coriander, fennel, cumin and salt, then fast fried in a curry base with tomato, fenugreek seeds and onion.  A mouth watering preparation from the master Gibraltar curry maker Mr Khan.

(Vegan option also available)

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacon Tart

Representing the Four Nations of the United Kingdom

(With a side of Calentita Representing Gibraltar!)

A classic dish, reimagined for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.  Smoke salmon, cheddar cheese, potatoes, cream and eggs, baked in shortcrust pastry.  Served with a side of the classic Gibraltarian “calentita”!  Baked by Gibraltar’s proudly Jewish bakery Amars.

(Vegan option available)

At Campion Park

The Platinum Pinchitos

The Calentita Hot Favourite

With a Special Platinum Jubilee Touch

The undisputed Queen of the Calentita Food Festival, the Moroccan Community Association are back, to cook up their classic recipes and add special one off “platinum pinchito” for this very special occasion.  A special blend of secret Moroccan spices, with a Royal touch.

(Vegan pinchito option also available)

Beef Wellington and Vegetables

Steeped in Military History

The Final Main Course of Four

Beef Wellington, named after the Duke of Wellington, vanquisher of Napoleon, prime minister of Britain immortalised across Gibraltar.  A beef tenderloin wrapped in layers of pâté, duxelles (a finely chopped mushroom mixture), parma ham, and puff pastry, then baked.  Served with a side of vegetables.  Prepared by the talented chefs of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.

(Vegan option available)

The Platinum Pudding

70 Years in the Making!

A prize winning pud!

An extra ordinary trifle, picked from 5,000 entries, winner of the Fortnum and Mason’s Platinum Pudding Competition this sumptuous dessert will be available for the first time in Gibraltar at Jubilita.  A swiss roll base, smothered in lemon curd and St Clements jelly, covered in custard, Amaretti biscuits and a mandarin coulis, topped off with jewelled chocolate bark.  A tantilising recipe by Jemma Melvin - prepared in Gibraltar for Jubilita by the talented Vicky’s Natural Kitchen.

Wash it all Down!

<<<Drinks menu>>>

Available to buy on site

Jubilita Platinum Jubilee IPA – a limited edition Gibraltar brewed especially prepared for this event.

Jubilita Platinum Gin – a special limited edition Gibraltar distilled Gin especially prepared for Jubilita

Beers:  Alhambra, Fosters Heineken

Wines available by the glass and bottle from specific bars


Soft drinks


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