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Lack Of Forward Planning In Relation To Therapy Provision – Let’s Stop Repeating The Same Mistakes

By Atrish Sanchez, Executive Member of the GSD

The benefits of Therapy, in all its forms, are endless, and well documented. Not only can therapy develop positive self-concepts, improve social skills and academic performances, but it can increase motivation, build functional skills, social skills, communication, mobility, and many other things depending on the therapist’s speciality and the needs of the person.

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Yuletide Football in the Middle of a Desert

By Rebecca Calderon

We have many long-standing World Cup traditions in our house and the pinnacle is a pre-match meal comprised of food and drink from the two nations competing in the final. Argentina v. France was not difficult to create and after knocking back Malbec and Sauternes we merrily trudged to our seats in anticipation of a decent match. World Cup finals are rarely any good, often a complete anti-climax and the 2022 offering was no different to an extent as Argentina completely dominated the first three quarters. By the 70th minute I was sulking on the sofa audibly complaining saying things like “What has happened to France?” “England must be even worse that we thought!” “Is this really due to a virus?”

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