• Arrival of Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Arrival of Reverse Osmosis Plant

    AquaGib has announced the arrival of a new temporary reverse osmosis (RO) plant in Gibraltar. The RO plant was delivered by land from Italy in partnership with Balaena, the new owners of Gibdock who came forward and offered their immediate support in using their extensive logistics network to assist Gibraltar in its time of need.

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The Role Of Our Youth In A Post-Brexit World

Below follows an article written by Kyle Bautista and Chris Cardona from the Gibraltar Commonwealth Youth Association (GCYA):

Building from the previous article that highlighted the youth’s contribution in all aspects of society, the GCYA would like to call on Gibraltar’s Youth to commemorate International Youth Day. The youth’s role in society is pivotal, from providing new ideas, to encouraging growth and development by challenging existing practices. In such an unknown and ambiguous period of time, largely as a result of the Brexit vote, the youth’s role has been increased as it is from them where solutions can be found.  

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