Government Announces Gibraltar Disruption Guarantee Scheme

The Government has announced that the Gibraltar Business Loan Disruption Guarantee Scheme has now been implemented following the European Commission’s approval of Gibraltar’s economic support measures in conformity with State Aid rules. This scheme will be available through Gibraltar International Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited, Gibraltar Branch and Trusted Novus Bank Limited. With each bank having up to £10 million, the scheme could potentially release a total of up to £30 million to local businesses. Each individual business is capped at a maximum borrowing of £500,000 under the scheme.

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Gibraltar Air Terminal Adopts Further Covid-19 Measures - Face Coverings / Masks Mandatory

After the outbreak of Covid-19, Gibraltar Airport adopted a series of measures based on guidance and advice provided by Public Health Gibraltar and some aviation-specific guidelines provided by Public Health England. In addition, as from Friday, passengers departing from the airport will have to wear face masks / coverings. As from Monday 20th July, some Easyjet services will also resume, increasing the number of passengers using the terminal.

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COVID-19 Information Update - Tuesday 14th July

14th July 2020

Total tests done: 16,532

Test results pending: 9

Test results received: 16,523

Confirmed cases: 180

Active cases in Gibraltar: 1 (0 resident, 1 visitor)

Non-resident active cases detected in Gibraltar: 0

Recovered cases: 179

Number in self-isolation: 27

A total of 7459 tests have been carried out so far in the frontline, targeted and systematic sampling. This is included in the above figures.