June 25 - BabySTEPPs Welcome Budgetary Measures Supporting Young Families

BabySTEPPs welcome the Government's announcement of several budgetary measures to support young families. A spokesperson for the charity said:

 “The 50% increases in both the maternity grant and the nursery allowance will no doubt ease the financial burden for parents of young children. In addition, the new children's bond in the Gibraltar Savings Bank and the £500 deposit the Government have pledged for every new baby will assist parents wishing to set up savings schemes for their children. We are also very much encouraged to hear about the commitment towards ensuring friendlier working hours for public sector workers.

"It is very positive to see the Government putting young families at the forefront and we are hopeful that this approach will eventually lead to further measures being granted the same attention. One thing which would be deemed favourable by the general public, specifically for working mums and dads, would be a review of the maternity and paternity leave provisions in view of the differences between the entitlements enjoyed locally as compared to the UK.

"All in all, BabySTEPPs feel things are moving in the right direction to help working parents and ease the daily stresses that a new journey into parenthood brings."