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Jun 07 - Government Of Gibraltar Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With The Cross-Frontier Group

Earlier this morning, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to strengthen the cooperation between the Government of Gibraltar and the Cross-Frontier Group for Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar area.

The aim of this is to facilitate and promote growth in the economies on either side of the frontier, and through this agreement it highlights the advantages Gibraltar offers the Campo de Gibraltar and vice versa, as well as the positive economic impact on both areas which could be greater and help to generate more wealth.

This was signed by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo in his offices in Number Six, and he was joined by representatives across Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar who make up the Cross-Frontier Group. 

The aim of this document is to establish a commitment to cooperation, and collaboration, to ensure a fluid border, develop economic potential and improve employment opportunities on both sides of the border.

Both the Government of Gibraltar and the Cross-Frontier Workers Group undertake to work together and share resources of benefit to their respective organisations and the general public on both sides of the border and providing that there is no conflict of interest.

Both parties will be able to promote collaboration as set out in the introduction of this Memorandum through the following areas of cooperation.

 Information Exchange

 Development of joint projects and activities in support thereof

 Exchange of experts, human resources and materials

 Organization of workshops, conferences and seminars covering the

areas of cooperation

 Use of facilities and educational resources for training

 Maintaining and improving the movement of people across the border

 Maintaining and improving the movement of vehicles and goods across the border and creating a legal framework to achieve this

 Maintaining and creating new employment

 Stimulating demand for goods and services in the various business


 Offering facilities, information and assistance to local businesses in

Gibraltar and the Campo the Gibraltar to establish themselves on

either side of the border

 Promote the creation of a tax zone in La Línea de la Concepción allowing Gibraltar based companies the opportunity to set up operations, as a source of job creation for the entire Campo de Gibraltar and Gibraltar.

 Research other areas of business development and cooperation on both sides of the border.