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Mar 11 - Government Works Towards Equality for Women

sacramento Minister for Equality and Social Services Samantha Sacramento marked this year’s International Women’s Day, celebrated on Saturday, by outlining women’s ‘tremendous success’. She notes that ‘whilst we must applaud these achievements, we must also be conscious of circumstances in which inequality may arise.’

Minister Sacramento detailed the Government’s establishment of Gibraltar’s first Ministry for Equality, which allows them to focus on specific areas that require action and develop strategies and structured policies where necessary. With a review of public sector working hours set to benefit working mothers, and a recent collection of statistics regarding women in the workplace, the Ministry is powering forward in its feat for equality for women.

The Minister insists that her other portfolio, Social Services, ‘are looking at empowering young girls and women in different ways.'

‘We are also working on a cohesive domestic violence strategy and while of course domestic violence can apply to men as well, statistics show that this predominantly affects women.’

Sitting on a steering committee of Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians, Minister Sacramento is involved in attending various European and International conferences, as well as meetings that pose as useful opportunities to discuss policies and strategies.

Paying tribute to all women on International Women’s Day the Minister says, ‘my aim is to mobilise meaningful change where this is necessary in order to achieve gender equality.  We need more coverage of women’s achievements and look to women as role models in whatever walk of life they chose so as to inspire the next generation of women to do whatever they want because anything can be achieved.’