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Heritage Awards 2020

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust has announced the recipients of this year’s Heritage Awards.

A statement from the Gibraltar Heritage Trust follows below:

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Heritage Awards.  The Heritage Awards are always a main highlight on our annual calendar and despite the  circumstances, this year is no different. 10 awards have presented this year for outstanding  contributions towards Gibraltar's Heritage. Although the format of the presentation of awards is  different, this does not take away from how well deserved the awards are. This year six properties  were presented with Group Awards, one Individual Award and two Heritage Commendations. The  awards were presented by the Hon Prof John Cortes, Minister for Heritage, alongside Ian Balestrino  Chairman of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. 

An Heritage Individual Award is awarded to Manolo Galliano. With a lifelong interest in  the history and heritage of Gibraltar, Manolo’s support of Gibraltar’s heritage preceeds his  14 years service as a Trustee of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. His depth of knowledge of all  things Gibraltar as well as the passion and energy with which he communicates this are  difficult to match. He has been instrumental in research and assisting the progression of  Trust from its early days in Wellington Front. In his time he has carried out extraordinary  amounts of research for multiple publications, his series of books and journal articles as well  as contributing to GHT affairs. 

The first Heritage Group Award is awarded to Phoenix House, 18 George’s Lane for the  renovation of a derelict building and its sensitive extension. The entire building has been  renovated into apartments, including windows, electrical system and restoration of wooden  ceilings, stair wells, and exposed brick features. The works were carried out by ‘Just Real  Estate’ 

The second Heritage Group Award is awarded to 117 Main Street for the conversion,  extension and restoration of a property in the town area, repurposed for modern day office  use in a sympathetic and appropriate style, maintaining original features and sense of  Gibraltar’s unique architecture both inside and out. Works were carried out by ‘Heredium Limited’ 

The third Heritage Group Award is awarded to 25/27 Governor’s Street for the restoration  and conservation of a residential property in the old town. Maintaining iconic features inside  and on the exterior, including the roof tiles, the façade, fireplaces and original living space  and style. The works were carried out by ‘Silverkey Real Estate’. 

The fourth Heritage Group Award is awarded to 4&6 Castle Street also known as ‘The  Nook’. For a full restoration of two dilapidated properties in the old town. A sympathetic restoration, maintaining the character of the buildings and iconic features to Gibraltar’s Old  Town and patio life, which is quintessential to Gibraltarian living. The new renovated space  is now a desirable residential area in the heart of Gibraltar’s old town. The works were  carried out by ‘Silverkey Real Estate’.


The fifth Heritage Group award is awarded to 2 King’s Street. For a full restoration of the  property in the town area in a sensitive and sympathetic manner, incorporating iconic  features from a Main Street shop circa 1950s. 

The sixth Heritage Group award is awarded to Grand Central House, 24-32 Engineer’s  Lane for the preservation of Gibraltar’s unique architectural heritage in the town area.  Restoration included the conservation of historical features and their incorporation into the  building refurbishment.  

The first Heritage Commendation was awarded to Dr Sam Benady and Ms. Sarah  Devincenzi for their book ‘A Pictorial History of Gibraltar’. The book is unique history book,  full of facts, executed with brilliant illustrations in a comic book style. The book is ideal for  engaging younger ages with Gibraltar’s history but is also very enjoyable for people of all  ages.  

The second Heritage Commendation was awarded to Andrew Rowbottom for the  restoration and conservation of the Model Galleon, ‘St Ma Trinitas’. The model galleon was  made and by a dockyard worker, Francisco Gonzalez in 1951. It was later gifted to the  Cathedral of the Holy Trinity by Alexander Undery whose family has a long history with the  Navy. Andrew Rowbottom has undertaken the restoration over three months. A wooden  cradle was made especially for the ship, woodworm was treated, electrics replaced, rigging  was replaced, foremast and bowsprit were restored and much more. Undertaking of  restorations such as this are important to the survival of many historical items in Gibraltar  which may not otherwise survive the passage of time. 

The third Heritage Commendation was awarded to Alexander Sanchez-Soiza and Aaron  Sanchez-Soiza. This award falls under the junior category and they are awarded for their  efforts in enhancing Gibraltar’s marine heritage. They have developed schemes such as  #MedOceanHeroes and The Great Gibraltar Beach Clean. Areas such as Rosia Bay have  been targeted to ensure it is left clear of rubbish and help protect the marine life and its  environments.  

The Chairman’s Award was this year awarded to Marcello Sanguinetti. The Chairman’s  Award is presented at the discretion of The Gibraltar Heritage Trust’s Chairman to a person  or entity in recognition of their contribution and support to the Chair in carrying out their  duties.