GHA Staff Undertake Prevention And Management Of Violence And Aggression Course

Last week, eight members of GHA staff undertook training to be able to deliver prevention and management of violence and aggression (PMVA) programmes for GHA staff.  

A statement from the GHA follows below:

The new trainers were chosen from across the GHA after an application and interview process.  Attendees from St Bernard’s, Ocean Views and the Ambulance Service were taught by Mr Bob  Betts, CEO of the Elite group, based in England, and one of the UKs’ leading specialists in this  sector. Elite has collaborated with the GHA to provide appropriate, relevant and ethical training  in de-escalation, managing aggression and proactive methods of reducing conflict in the  healthcare setting. 

The GHA will be working with stakeholders such as the police, prison, social services and  educational establishments to promote a culture of preventative measures to reduce cases of  violence and aggression against its staff. 

The staff will be awarded a Level 3 Qualification in delivering training and Level 3 instructor  certification for PMVA. 

Prof Patrick Geoghegan OBE, GHA Director General congratulated the Staff on their  achievement which is another example of how the GHA wants to do everything possible to  support both Staff and the Public when dealing with difficult situations. The GHA is committed  to training more staff in PNWA so this becomes part of our culture.