Apr 22 - Government Announces Cabinet Reshuffle

logoThe Government has announced a Cabinet reshuffle that will see Acting Housing Minister Paul Balban take over the role as Minister for Housing, with responsibility for the Housing Works Agency.

Minister Balban continues to retain his existing responsibilities, except Health and Safety, which has been passéd on to Minister Bossano.

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Apr 22 - GSD Visit Varyl Begg Estate

gsdAs part of the GSD’s continuous Outreach Programme of visiting estates and meeting with associations, GSD MPs visited Varyl Begg Estate social club and met with around 30 constituents on Friday evening.
Daniel Feetham, Leader of the Opposition, who grew up in the estate, was delighted to go back to his roots and to engage with the tenants. Commenting on the visit, he said, ‘I would like to thank those who run the social club for their warm welcome and to all those who met with us for a drink.’

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Apr 22 - Governor Shoots Down Marine Expert’s Parliament Comments on Defence of Gibraltar Waters

governorThe Governor’s Office has insisted today that comments made by Dr. Chris Tydeman in his evidence to the UK’s House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee ‘do not accurately reflect either the Governor’s Constitutional role or his public position on sovereign issues’.

A statement insists that the UK does not recognise Spain’s SCI listing nor its attempt to designate an SAC. This position has been made clear to the Spanish Government and was even highlighted during the Foreign Secretary’s statement to Parliament on December 10th 2012.

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Apr 18 - Fabian Amongst Fabians

fabian societyYesterday evening in the lower depths of the Central London Fabian Society building, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo addressed a small group of the progressive left – wing think tank members on the matter of ‘Gibraltar in Europe’.

The society was formed in 1884 and is closely affiliated with the Labour Party. As he began his address, which touched upon a spectrum of matters relating to Gibraltar, including gaming, Gibraltar’s economy and its relationship with Spain, Mr. Picardo said that he felt amongst friends, and had never seen a room so full of Fabians.

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Apr 16 Chief Minister in London

Fabian PicardoThe Chief Minister has left for London late last night to attend the funeral of Baroness Thatcher this morning.

This evening he will address members of the prestigious "Fabian Society" on "Gibraltar in Europe". Members of the local press have been invited along on the trip, so expect some coverage in the news.

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