Formation Of The Gibraltar Disability Rights Federation

Representatives from several groups met yesterday to sign a memorandum of understanding and commitment, joining them in a union which has been called the Gibraltar Disability Rights Federation.

A statement from the Gibraltar Disability Rights Federation follow below:

The Federation has representatives from the Special Needs Action Group, Cerebral Palsy Awareness Group, Down syndrome Support Group, Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group (Dyslexia Gibraltar), Gibraltar Hearing issues and Tinnitus Association, Gibraltar Alzheimer’s and Dementia Society, Stoma Support Group, Parkinson’s Support Group, Senior Citizens Association, Clubhouse Gibraltar, Fibromyalgia Support Group and Saffron Rose 4 Retts Charity. 

Other groups are working with the Federation and will potentially sign on in the very near future. The Federation will begin to work on the full ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Gibraltar and the legislative reforms that should be made as a result. 

It is the Federations collective view that the Disability Act 2017 does not go far enough in its transposition of the UN Convention, and subsequently, laws and Acts are at present outdated and have no place in modern day society, resulting in a great disservice to our disabled community. 

This Federation brings together groups from across the community, reflecting the fact that disability can affect any person at any given point making the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities imperative for all in society. 

It is the Federations hope that we will be able to work closely with the Government to develop ways in which the Convention can be transposed fully and will begin making representations to both the Government, The Honourable Chief Minister, The Minister For Equality and His Excellency the Governor this coming week. 

We call on those groups who wish to join this effort to do so, as we will always have our doors open to those who wish to work alongside us.