Together Gibraltar Announces New Executive

Together Gibraltar has selected its new party executive. The executive will be made up of 14 members: Marlene Hassan Nahon, Nicky Calamaro, Zohra El Gharbaoui, Neil Hayes, Mark Daniel Lopez, Isaac Massias, Kayley Mifsud, John Montegriffo, Mark Murien, Erika Pozo, Craig Sacarello, Neil Samtani, Michelle Trinidad, and Eddie Wood.

The party received 14 applications for the executive, some from pre-existing executive members, and others from the wider membership, for a maximum of 15 places. This has done away with the need to choose some candidates over others in an election process.

A statement continued: “TG is extremely proud of its new Executive which is made of outstanding, dedicated members of the party, and presents an extremely representative cross-section of our beautifully diverse community.

“The party’s virtual Annual General Meeting, in which the new executive board and organisation structure of the party will be announced, will take place on 7th December at 7:00pm.”