RGP Officers Attend Personal Safety Training Instructors Course

A number of Royal Gibraltar Police officers are currently learning how to become Personal Safety Training Instructors during a three-week course. 

A statement from the RGP follows below:

The specialist training is being run by the RGP’s Sergeant Paul Chiara and follows the UK  College of Policing’s latest guidelines on the use of force. 

After the course, the officers will be able to train their police colleagues on how to detain  and restrain people safely. 

PS Chiara, who has recently completed a Train the Trainer course run by the College of  Policing in London, said: “It’s very important that all of our officers have up to date training  in line with the College of Policing. 

“We need this training in order to deal safely with members of the public when they are  resisting arrest and whenever it is not possible to de-escalate a tense situation. 

“Using force is always a last resort – but it’s all about keeping officers and the public safe. “Our Training Instructors can now pass these skills on to their fellow officers.”