June 19 - Litter Leaflet

The Minister for the Environment, Dr John Cortes, is delighted to announce the first publication on litter, and waste information, to go to every household on the Rock. He said, “This has been a collaborative effort by the ESG and Litter Committee members and funded by Government. We have been pleased to support this project because we agree that knowledge can affect change".

The leaflet will be delivered to AquaGib's 17,000 customers with June's bill: Mr Cano, Managing Director at AquaGib stressed: "Here at AquaGib, we are committed to supporting the Government in their efforts at greening up Gibraltar and are pleased to make this leaflet with practical, environmental information available to our customers." Additionally, AquaGib will also be sending an electronic copy of the leaflet to several thousand clients using their online service.

The Minister said he hoped this would encourage more people to use the facilities referred to in the leaflet.

The Litter Committee is now working year round to clean up Gibraltar's environment and to tackle the many goals set by its members. The Minister added, "These meetings have already addressed several longstanding issues including those highlighted by the Clean up the World Campaign, such as opening waste facilities to seven days, expansion of recycling facilities, tackling litter hotspots, and provision of waste information. But much more remains to be done and we are committed to do this via the Litter Committee that is made up of agencies, government departments and NGOs."

The Minister added that minutes of the Litter Committee meetings will be placed online soon to keep the public informed on the progress which is being achieved via this forum.