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“Grub” Food & Drink Festival

Friday 2 September sees the debut edition to the Grub Food and Drink festival.  This exciting pop-up festival will see a unique offering of food and drink in Gibraltar for one night only, as bars and restaurants from London and Sevilla descend on Gibraltar for an evening of delicious foodie fun.

With food from Mexico, India and Japan – drinks from London and Seville backed by the smooth sounds of DJ beats – the evening promises to be a unique evening of culinary delight!

Various ticket options are available

“All Inclusive” – Food from every pop-up restaurant and a paired drink to boot – by far the best value

“A La Carte” – Pay to get in and then choose and buy food and drink as you like

Get comfy with reserved table options;

Reserve a “Long Table” (seats up to 12 people)

Reserve a “Cocktail Table” (accommodates 4+ people standing)

Accompanied by the smooth groves of DJs Tim Perera (Balifonica), Heddi (Jazz Not Jazz) and more

 The Menu

 1. Welcome

Freshly baked cholla bread, served mezze style with marinaded olives, & homemade alioli

Paired drink: Lustau Vermut Rojo de Jerez – served with a slice of orange and garnished with an olive

2. “Chatt Wallah” Indian Fast Food (Entre 1)

Sev Puri; A freshly prepared papdi (flat puri) loaded with diced potatoes, chickpeas onions, served with a sweet sour tamarind, light chilli and garlic, garnished with pomegranate and topped with sev Indian style crunchy noodles – Indian fast food from Pune, Maharashtra.

Paired drink: Puerto de Indias Pure Black Edition gin with premium tonic + a slice of lemon. A delicious G&T straight from Sevilla’s premium gin distiller.

3. Izakaya // Japanese Pub // By Kamakura (Entre 2)

Takoyaki! A favourite Tokyo street food – grilled batter balls filled with octopus, pickled ginger and tempura batter – served with shaved bonito flakes, anori, and Takoyaki sauce

Paired drink: A shot of premium Japanese Sake: “Choya Junmai” Gentle yet fragrant aroma with well-balanced acidity and taste match with traditional Japanese cuisine

4. Mama Draba // By Chef Lede (Main)

Seared BBQ tuna cooked over charcoal, served with kimchi sauce and “pebbles”. Garnished sesame seeds // Prize winning Almadraba tuna tapa by Sotogrande based Chef Lede.

Paired Drink:  Emilio Moro Finca Resalso Energetic and original, a wine with all the Ribera character in a very accessible profile.

5. Mano De Santo // Cocina Mexicana Sevilla (Dessert)

“Tres Leches”  Sevilla’s hottest Mexican restaurant delivers it’s signature postre - se banan a gusto en leche, varias capas de bizcocho, solo para el deleite y pecado!

Paired Drink:  Beso de Vino dessert wine

+MORE to be announced!!!

 The Bars

1. Merchant House London // Rum Bar

Escape to a world of Rum with one of London’s leading cocktail bars.  Often described as “where the drinks industry go to drink” Merchant’s House’s expertly crafted rum cocktails and specialist high end neat rums will delight

2. Puerto de Indias // Gin & Tonic Bar

Expert mixologist from Sevilla’s favourite gin Puertos De India,  visits Gibraltar for the first time, to mix up a gin & tonic storm.

3. Vinopolis

Gibraltar’s favourite wine bar offer a selection of their finest wines, by the glass and by the bottle

4. Alhambra Beer Bar

Granada’s premium beer brand already a favourite on the Rock serving on tap and bottled beers, together with tinto de Verano for the non-beer drinkers.

Vegetarian alternatives available for some dishes only.

We apologise that on this occasion we cannot offer a vegan alternative.

We reserve the right to change all courses and paired drinks according to supplier availability.

“All Inclusive” Your ticket includes;

5 x Signature dishes from each pop-up restaurant;

5 x Paired complimentary drinks to accompany each course

All night access to our 4 pop up bars

“A La Carte” ticket includes entry to the event only

Various ticket options are available  from www.buytickets.gi

Direct link:  https://www.buytickets.gi/events/grub-517