Editor's Blog Dec 13th 2011

A day in the life of    

 So this morning I woke up and thought to myself, I wander what is in store for other people today. My life has become a rather standard routine and I know what I will have to do during the course of the day and how it goes. Find out what’s going on, find the stories, get the interviews and pester the press officers. Then we wrap it all up by the end of the day with a nice pretty news programme.

 How is it for other people? A fireman for example…When he wakes up and thinks, “time for another day at work”, what does that entail for him? The jokes are made about Xbox, Volleyball and maybe a bit of training to keep fit, but the reality of it must be different. Isn’t it?

 A teacher? Heavens knows how they do that? Screaming children, 30 of them, in a small confined space, with short attention spans. A scary thought! We say, “they don’t really work” and “they have all that time off”, I think I would need that time off after just one day having to control 30 kids.

 What about as Chief Minister? Waking up in the mornings wondering what today will bring and what could potentially go right, wrong and who is going to attack you first. Plus, can you imagine all the reading he has to do… Documents on this, that and the other, a heap of legalities, laws and constitution to ensure that what they are doing is right. It’s giving me a headache just thinking about it.

 I’m starting to think there could be a programme idea in some of this… What do you think? What job are you in and what does your usual day entail?

 Give me some ideas of some of the more interesting jobs, crazy careers and not so monotonous tasks of your day to day and lets see if we can film your average day. Yep, I like this idea.