Feb 28 - Childline Supports ‘Stand Up to Bullying Day’

childline Last year Childline Gibraltar received 781 calls to the Helpline and 21% of these were bullying related. A further 23% were abuse-related and it is important to note that most cases of abuse also involve some degree of bullying. The charity believes that this clearly demonstrates that bullying amongst young people is an issue in Gibraltar.


Childline Gibraltar supports ‘Stand up to Bullying Day’ today in order to raise awareness about bullying and provide information on how to support someone who is being bullied, or reach out to those young people today who feel alone, letting them know there is someone to talk to.

The Charity is urging young people who may be experiencing bullying to tell someone, or call Childline who will help them talk through their problems, explore the options open to them and put them in touch with the different support organisations that exist within Gibraltar.

Childline is available to carry out presentations and talks on the issue, helping schools to implement an anti-bullying policy, providing information and resources. They urge individuals who may be concerned about a child being bullied to call the charity on 8008 between 5 and 6pm on any evening. Alternatively they can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.