Conditional Discharge for Drunk Man Who Told Police Officer She Could “Fight” Him

A British man who was arrested after becoming aggressive with bar staff in Ocean Village last Saturday, has been given a six-month Conditional Discharge at the Magistrates’ Court today.

Camillus JAMES, 45, of no fixed place of abode, was arrested for Disorderly Conduct Whilst Intoxicated, outside the Admiral Casino just after 6pm.

Officers were called to the area after receiving reports of a “heavily intoxicated” male being aggressive towards staff at a nearby bar.

On police arrival, JAMES became aggressive towards a female police officer, telling her that she could “fight” him.

The officer then used her captor spray on JAMES, who was then arrested and taken to New Mole House.

A Conditional Discharge means that the court does not believe that a punishment needs to be imposed immediately, but in the event that the defendant commits a further offence during the period of the conditional discharge, he will be returned to court and re-sentenced for the original offence.