Attorney General Issues Statement On Lishman Case

The Attorney General, Michael Llamas QC, has released a statement following the launch of an online petition regarding the  Director of Public Prosecution’s (DPP) handling of the prosecution and sentence of Real Lishman.

Mr Llamas says that the creators of the petition haven’t mentioned that he investigated the matter they complain of. As part of this investigation, the advice of a “leading English criminal practitioner” was sought. Mr Llamas says that this investigation showed that the allegations were “unfounded” and that the DPP had acted “entirely properly.” 

Mr Llamas said: “I am satisfied that the decisions that were taken by the prosecution were taken in accordance with the various codes that govern crown prosecutors and in consultation with the victim’s family and the RGP officer in charge and considering any available new evidence.” 

Mr Llamas notes that the family have submitted a complaint to the Admissions and Disciplinary committee “as is their right to do so."