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Man Sentenced For Drink Driving On E-Scooter

A man has been fined £350 and disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving  licence for a period of 20 months – after pleading guilty to a drink driving offence on an E-Scooter. 

Daniel Chandley, 27, of Bayside Road, who currently doesn’t have a driving licence of any kind, pleaded guilty to Driving with Alcohol Concentration Over Limit and was  sentenced in the Magistrates’ Court this morning (19 September). 

This is the second time a person has been sentenced for a drink driving offence on  an E-Scooter in Gibraltar, following a similar incident last week. 

The court heard that just after 9pm on National Day, Sunday 10 September,  Response Team Officers were patrolling Rosia Road, when they spotted a green  “Hoppy” E-Scooter, which had two people on it and was swerving from side to side. 

Officers stopped the E-Scooter and the driver, Chandley, stumbled off it. Officers  then smelt alcohol on his breath and saw that he was unsteady on his feet. 

He was asked to do a roadside breath test and blew 88ug – the legal limit is 35ug.  

At New Mole House, he blew 83ug on the evidential breath test machine and was  later charged for court.