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E-Scooter Rider Pleads Guilty To Failing To Provide A Specimen

In the Magistrates’ Court, a UK national now resident in Gibraltar, was sentenced to 180 hours of unpaid work after he pleaded guilty to a charge of Failing to Supply a Specimen. 

A statement from the RGP follows below:

The court heard that at around 0200hrs on Saturday 21 October last year, members  of the public had reported that a man had fallen off his E-Scooter on Europort Road.  

Officers arrived at the scene and found 31 year-old Rory Molloy, holding a Hoppy  rental E-Scooter and wearing a Hoppy protective helmet. He was bleeding from the  nose and left hand. His speech was slurred and officers quickly detected the smell of  alcohol on his breath. 

In a roadside test, Molloy blew 133ug – nearly four times the legal limit of 35ug. He  was arrested on suspicion of Driving when over the Prescribed Limit of Alcohol and  he was taken to New Mole House where he became argumentative. On two  occasions and despite several warnings, he refused to follow officers’ instructions  and failed to provide a sample of breath for the evidential Breath Test machine. 

He was then de-arrested for Driving when over the Prescribed Limit of Alcohol but,  instead, arrested on suspicion of Failing to Provide a Specimen, the charge for which  he appeared in court yesterday (Thursday).