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Local motorcyclist fined for Drugs offences

Having pleaded guilty to both charges, a local man has been fined £580 for Possession of a Controlled Class B Drug and £250 for Driving a Motor Vehicle whilst Unfit through Drugs. 

Ike Montovio, 22, of Waterport Terraces was sentenced by the Magistrates’ Court today. 

The Court heard that at around 2145hrs on Wednesday 20 December 2023, officers observed a black motorcycle contravening a traffic sign on Harbour Views Road. 

Having stopped the motorcycle, they spoke to the rider who seemed increasingly nervous and who smelled of cannabis. 

The man was detained for a search which revealed a large block of a brown substance in his pouch. Officers suspected that this substance was cannabis resin. Montovio agreed to take a roadside drugs wipe test which gave a positive reading and so he was arrested on suspicion of Driving a Motor Vehicle while Unfit through Drugs. He was also arrested on suspicion of Possession of a Controlled Class B Drug.

Once at New Mole House, Montovio consented to providing a sample of blood for testing, prior to him being released on bail. 

The public analyst later confirmed that Montovio’s blood contained 4.0ug – exactly twice the specified limit of 2ug/L for cannabis.