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Holliday Endorses Bossino For GSD Leadership


Joe Holliday, former GSD Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, has endorsed Damon Bossino in Tuesday’s leadership election.

In a personal statement released this weekend, Mr Holliday said:

Following my departure from frontline politics in 2011, I have refrained from making any political statement. However, in light of the recent public comments made, I feel I have to offer my own views in respect of the forthcoming GSD leadership election. 

In my view, Damon Bossino must be the next leader of the GSD, to maximise the prospects of the Party’s electoral success. In most modern democracies, leaders of parties usually resign following successive electoral defeats.

Keith Azopardi has had two electoral defeats under the GSD. The GSD had the clear opportunity to win the last election and so he must take full responsibility for this defeat instead of spinning it as a positive result. 

I am also disappointed at the way Keith and others have sought to discredit Damon’s candidature on the basis that he would somehow row the Party backwards. This is simply not true. Damon is clear on this matter, and I have no doubt that he will continue with the GSD’s broad appeal in the future. 

The time for change in the leadership of the GSD is now. Damon has a proven track record of electoral support and success and I have every confidence that he has the political experience and popularity to lead now. 

I will be voting for Damon Bossino.