Gibraltar Crime Report for 4th - 6th January

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From 0700hrs 04/01/13 to 0700hrs 06/01/13



1 Person Arrested for Assault

1 Person Arrested for Affray

2 Persons Arrested for Disorderly Conduct Whilst Intoxicated

2 Persons arrested for Theft.

1 Person arrested for Driving A Motor Vehicle Whilst Over The Prescribed Limit.

1 Person arrested for Making Off Without Payment.

1 Person arrested for Possession Of A Controlled Drug.

1 Person arrested for Obstructing A Customs Officer.

1 Person arrested for Possession Of A Commercial Quantity Of Cigarettes.


Crime Reports

1 Report of Assault

1 Report of Arson

1 Report of Criminal Damage

1 Report of Burglary.

4 Reports of Theft.

2 Reports of Making Off Without Payment.

2 Reports of Common Assault.

1 Report of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.

1 Report of Obstructing Customs & Immigration Officers.


Traffic Accidents

During the period covered 7 Traffic Accidents were reported to police


Warrants of Arrest

8 Warrants for Failing to Appear in Court were executed

8 Warrants for Non Payment of Fines were executed